Mole Valley Ramblers

friendly walking in the heart of Surrey

Walking with dogs

Our aim in Mole Valley Ramblers is to allow everyone to enjoy walking in a friendly group; that welcome extends to dog owners who might wish to bring their dog on our walks. We ask that owners be mindful of the group as a whole and take care to ensure that their dog is not a trip hazard nor a nuisance to others. We also ask that dogs are kept under effective control, where necessary on a short lead, and do not cause disturbance to other path users, wildlife, horses or farm animals.

Some walks will be more suitable for dogs than others. We suggest that if you (or your dog) are new to our group, or if you are in any doubt, please phone the leader in advance to check the walk's suitability. On all walks we ask that dog owners comply with any request by the walk leader to have their dog on a lead where it might otherwise be a hazard or cause disturbance. We also ask them to read and follow The Dog Walking Code, a simple ten-point code developed by the Ramblers in conjunction with other national organisations.

Finally, please remember that you, as the owner, are responsible at all times for your dog's behaviour and safety.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019