Mole Valley Ramblers

friendly walking in the heart of Surrey

Walk Grades

In order to help walkers in knowing what to expect on a Mole Valley walk we have adapted the Ramblers definition of walk grades to suit the local terrain and general expectations of our walkers as follows:

Leisurely – 3 to 5 miles, relatively flat easy walk, at a gentle pace, without undue number of stiles or steep gradients.

Moderate – our typical walks, may be some hills and stiles, usually around 6 miles over 3 hours for a half day walk (including coffee break), and 8-11 miles for a longer walk into the afternoon. See walk description for any particular challenges.

Strenuous – for those who have an above average level of fitness to cope with a faster pace or more challenging terrain. You can expect one or more of the following: steeper or more prolonged hills, brisker pace, longer length (>12 miles), lots of stiles.

This means that, for example, a 6-8 mile walk may be graded as Strenuous if it is either particularly hilly or brisker paced. The grading is not just to do with the length of walk.

We ask our walk leaders to make sure their walks are graded appropriately and urge walkers to check that walks are within their capability before joining them.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018