Mole Valley Ramblers

friendly walking in the heart of Surrey

Walk leaders guidance notes

Planning your walk

If you are trying to plan a new route for a walk you mind find some ideas on the various walking sites listed on our Links page, so why not check it out.

The Rendezvous, start time, route and distance of each walk is at the discretion of each leader but please bear in mind the following: The starting point needs to have parking for at least 20 cars. The following link may help: Car Parks. It gives Grid References and, where appropriate, information about parking fees and size of CP. Unless you know the route well, it is recommended that you walk it out beforehand and identify places for coffee/tea breaks and comfort stops.

All walks must be graded in accordance with the MVR grading system, details of which can be found here. This is important, as it allows walkers to select only those walks that are within their own capability.

You cannot plan for all eventualities but remember that a walk that is dry in summer may be very muddy in winter and take much longer. Lots of stiles will slow things up, especially if you have a lot of walkers. Please submit the details of your walk to the Walks Programme Coordinator. We recommend including a mobile phone number, only for use on the day if you wish.

Before the day

If there has been recent bad weather, try to check out your walk for fallen trees, deep mud etc. If possible, print out a map showing your route if you think you will need a back marker.

On the day

We suggest that, in addition to a map, you carry a mobile phone, a whistle (on some parts of the walk you may not be able to get a mobile phone signal), and a small first aid kit (plasters, a bandage and antiseptic wipes).

  • Arrive in plenty of time – we suggest 20/25 minutes before the start of the walk.
  • Take the names of the walkers and their Ramblers Groups.
  • Welcome newcomers as they arrive find out how they heard about us (MVR website, Ramblers website, local paper etc.) and take contact details of non-members who are interested in joining MVR.
  • If any walkers have a dog, explain that it should be kept under control at all times.
  • Call everyone together at the start time, introduce any new members, and give a short description of the walk.
  • Appoint a back marker if there are more than 10-15 walkers and, if numbers are very large, a middle marker.
  • Make sure the markers know the route – preferably give them a printed copy.
  • Wait about 5 minutes after the start time in case there are latecomers.
  • Lead from the front, keep an eye on the rear and stop where paths divide for everyone to catch up.
  • To add interest, point out landmarks or things of historical interest as appropriate.
  • Where there is some road walking, ask everyone to keep in single file.

In the unlikely event that you need to phone the emergency services because of a serious accident you are advised to dial 112 from a mobile, as this will give ambulance crews your approximate location. In such an event please report the incident to the chairman.

After the walk

Fill in a walk report and email it to the Walk Reports Coordinator with a copy to the Walks Programme Coordinator. Refer any footpath problems to a Footpath Secretary.

Additional Notes

  • Mole Valley Ramblers walk in most weathers but occasionally, at the discretion of the leader, walks might have to be cancelled because of bad weather (excessive wind, floods or very heavy snow and ice), or because of illness.
  • If you know a day in advance that you need to cancel a walk, please contact the Walks Programme Coordinator so that an email can be sent out and an announcement can be put on this website.
  • If you cancel on the day please, if possible, go to the rendezvous to tell any prospective walkers who have turned up.
  • For further information from Ramblers about walk leading, you can find their Walk Leader Toolkit here.

Finally, make sure you enjoy the walk yourself !

Tuesday, December 11, 2018